3 Cool Angle Capture Tricks Like Professional Photographers

3 Cool Angle Capture Tricks Like Professional Photographers

Having a hobby of photography is, of course, one of the most enjoyable things. On activities
This requires special skills in taking good pictures. In addition, it is also necessary
experience in photography. The more you hunt for photos, the more sensitive you will be
your eyes in shooting clear images.

A good and cool photo can be created from your ability to
compose images. When you are proficient in this, you will be very
easy to take good photos. Before discussing the tricks for
To get a good photo, you must first understand the angle of the photo or what
Also known as photo composition.

Basically, a photo angel is a point where you can compose a photo.
For example, you want to take a picture of the landscape you are viewing. You must
using various kinds of angel photos that fit, for example, starting from positioning the camera
below or parallel to the knee and so on. Besides, you can apply some tricks
the following, namely:

  1. Determine POI
    POI (Point Interest) is a term that is shown to the main object that will be
    you photo. You must first focus your lens on the shot on the object
    which you want to aim for. This will make for a cleaner photo
  2. Determine the foreground
    For you a landscape photographer, foreground is one of the most important things
    important. This is used to compose an image with a slightly narrower angle
    lower. To be able to get an interesting foreground then you have to look
    first any unique object to shoot. This foreground will make photos
    the scenery looks better.
  3. Look at the background
    Photo backgrounds are very important in terms of photography, especially for landscape photos. You
    should not be careless to choose a photo background. If at the time of hunting the photo is still
    If you can find a good photo angle, then you should look for it first and don’t be too
    rush in taking pictures. It would be nice if at the time of shooting it
    have to think about everything from the technical stuff to the execution.

After knowing the tricks to get good pictures, next you need
Learn about various photo angles. With a good and precise photo angle, it will
make the photos even better, namely:

  1. High angle
    A high angle or also known as an eagle eye angle is a photo that
    how to take it from the top and the person being photographed is in a position below.
    The angle of this photo is widely applied to several photos that describe about
    retardation such as photos of beggars, photos of scavengers scavenging trash,
    and others.
  2. Eye View
    Eye View is also known as monkey eye angle. The angle of this photo is the technique of taking
    the photo is aligned with the camera lens. This photo gives a subjective impression on the photo that is
    you earn.
  3. Low angle
    When you want to take pictures with the objects above, you can create objects
    taller, not only makes him look taller, but also makes
    psychologically the person’s degree is higher. For example, when you want
    photographing officials, when you type it from the bottom, it looks more manly and
    authoritative and impressed very good and interesting.

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